Sinus Headache or Migraine? What are the Differences?

Sinus Headache or Migraine? What are the Differences?

There is a difference between sinus headaches and migraines which are generally mistaken. A recurring headaches which is blamed on sinusitis is often really as a result of migraine soreness. In the event that this is the case then the taking medicine frequently could make the pain worse as over medication can aggravate the migraine in the mistaken belief it is treating a sinus contamination.

Those suffering from a nose headache will not encounter sensitivity in order to light as well as sound which will have an effect on those experiencing a migraine. There is also no nausea skilled during a sinus headache but that may be the case for some migraine sufferers. Sinus headaches often occur in the course of or even after a cold and can include side-effects such as post nasal drip. It is important to be aware any recent medical issues knowledgeable any time distinguishing between a sinus headache and a migraine headache.

Sinus headaches are actually less common than most believe although they are likely to be diagnosed incorrectly. A typical nose treatment is nasal spray and anti-inflammatory medicine which will have no effect on migraine sufferers. When a patient does not respond to that treatment that is a good sign they are in fact suffering from migraines.

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Is very important to identify what type of headache is affecting the sufferer since the wrong diagnosis can mean medical treatment that's at best pointless and at worst can exacerbate the signs and make the situation a whole lot worse. There's popular confusion over this matter so try and solution the following three questions:

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    • Does the patient have a heightened sensitivity to light and sounds throughout the headache? 2.
    • Does the patient actually feel nauseous through the headaches attack? 3.
    • Have the headaches been occurring regarding a time of three months or more with abnormal severity?

    The answer to any two of the questions is 'yes' then it is likely that the patient is suffering from a migraine headaches as opposed to a sinus headache and should be taken care of accordingly.